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Editor: Junko Sugama (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Online ISSN: 2188-1375

LYMPHOEDEMA RESEARCH AND PRACTICE is the official publication of the Internatinal Lymphoedema Framework Japan (ILFJ).The purpose of the journal is to provide towards a better management of lymphedema and chronic oedema and related disorders. The ILFJ is an authoritative resource devoted to evidence-based nursing practices and management of patients with issues related to lymphedema and chronic oedema. Original peer-reviewed articles examine these topics in hospital, home, and long-term care settings.

■ Current Issue
Volume 4, Issue 1 November 2016

Health-Related Quality of Life and Coping Style in Patients with Primary and
Cancer-Related Lower Limb Lymphedema in an Outpatient Clinic in Japan
Shizuko Kato-Okajima, et al (abstract, article: English)

Risk factors for lymphedema in breast cancer survivors.
Emiko Kimura (abstract, article: English)

Characteristics of nursing care for patients with lymphedema after cancer surgery.
Hiromi Sakuda, et al (abstract, article: English)

Characteristics of self-care performed by patients with lymphedema to manage their physical
conditions after cancer surgery

Hiromi Sakuda, et al (abstract, article: English)